To our Mountain Lens family,

First, and by far most important, our team at Mountain Lens wants to reach out to you and wish you good health and all the support you need during this very challenging time.

As you may have already inferred from tenor of the news, our workshop schedule is, for the most part, on hold. All of our instructors are, along with you, awaiting signs of recovery and the opportunity to reschedule.

So if you are currently on the schedule to attend any of the workshops listed below, please check directly with your instructor for the latest status regarding cancellation or rescheduling.

Here at the Mountain Lens venue, we are healthy! We are also busy exploring ways that, during this wave of “social distancing” and beyond, we can offer variants of our workshops that our instructors can deliver via distance learning, including webinars, online classes, and one-on-one mentoring.

And for photographers looking to use this unprecedented time to refine and strengthen their portfolios, Jeff, and perhaps some of our other instructors, will be offering digital portfolio reviews and one-on-one interactive critiques.

So whereas this may be a time of caution and relative isolation, it can also be a time of learning and creative fulfillment.

Please email or call Jeff , or any of your instructors, to explore the possibilities!

In the meantime, take good care, offer support to those around you, and we’ll be back in touch soon.


2020 Previously Scheduled Workshops

Mountain Lens is an extraordinary setting to experience photography programs that are highly educational and inspirational. Our mission is to provide the finest technical and creative resources for photographers and other artists in a motivating, nurturing and beautiful natural environment. Beyond classes and workshops, we offer personalized services so you can fully render and share your vision and your art. We can help you configure and fine-tune your post-processing software and your display, streamline the way you organize and archive your photos, and customize your digital imaging strategy to reflect your unique vision. And yes — we can create large, beautiful, fine art prints — treasured keepsakes that reflect your expanding skills and boundless creativity.

iPhone Photography Workshops

March 28 & April 4, 2020

Instructor: Wiley Loughran

Appalachian Autumn Composition Intensive

September 10 – 12, 2020

Instructor: Susanna Euston

Dig Deeper Photo Workshop

October 21 – 25, 2020

Instructor: Jamie Konarski Davidson

Loving Lightroom

May 30 – 31, 2020

Instructor: Jeff Miller

Photographing the Unseeable

June 6 – 7, 2020

Instructor: Jeff Miller

Digital Black and White Photography

September 17 – 20, 2020

Instructor(s): Mary Louise Ravese & Jeff Miller

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