Appalachian Autumn Composition Intensive

Learn to create beautifully composed images as we explore wildflowers, waterfalls, rivers, and landscapes in the Asheville, North Carolina region.

Composition is the number one factor in the success of a photograph. Knowing how to draw the viewer’s eye to the subject and to keep it engaged in the image’s dynamic makes all the difference in the world. Understanding how to create figure-ground relationships and use design elements and placement tools — along with the light, values and color — will take your images to the “next level.”

Classroom work will include Powerpoint programs and discussion about the concepts of composition being introduced. We’ll begin with composition basics, as a refresher, then move beyond the “Rule of Thirds” into advanced concepts that will expand your view and give you tools for “putting together” lines, masses, colors and values in innovative ways.

We’ll move from the classroom to the field — including Mountain Lens’s beautiful 20 acres near Asheville, NC and the national forests in the area — to frame images to which you will apply your newfound understanding of composition — to create photographs that inspire! Spring wildflowers, waterfalls, and mountains landscapes will be our subjects. We’ll process images and have image reviews at the end of each day’s work in the field.

September 10 – 12, 2020

Workshop Fee: $459

Min of 4 | Max of 8 Attendees

Instructor: Susanna Euston



Additional Information

10% discount for former students of ONE workshop or class, high school or college students and CNPA-Asheville, NANPA-WNC and CCOH members. 15% Discount is offered for former students of TWO workshops or classes.

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