Loving Lightroom

For me, sheer joy is the process of transforming a captivating scene into a compelling image. When the process works, the photographs you create can reproduce for your viewers the feeling that you experienced when you captured the original scene. Now, that’s magic!

Adobe Lightroom helps you master the magic. For over a dozen years, Lightroom has evolved continuously so that photographers like you can move intuitively from capturing their moments of inspiration to developing, displaying, printing, and sharing the visual essence of those moments — together with the feelings that are embedded inside.

Along the way, Lightroom empowers you to master the breadth of your artistic work. Create endless variations of your photos. Create an environment that lets you instantly locate any image from a pool of ten thousand or more. Create prints, books, and slideshows that delight and inspire. And do it all with a tool that is easy to learn and fun to use.

Lightroom has become a near-daily part of my life and in the lives of many other productive photographers. I have come to love Lightroom as my best way to organize, refine, share, and archive the totality of my creative work.

In a fun, beautiful, and wonderfully collaborative environment, you’ll immerse yourself in the Lightroom workflow. I certainly did over ten years ago, and I never looked back!

May 30 – 31, 2020

Workshop Fee: $495

Min of 4 | Max of 6 Attendees

Instructor: Jeff Miller



Additional Information

For over five years, I’ve been coaxed and prodded by many photographers to offer a Lightroom class — beyond my history of teaching it one-on-one. The first such class has finally arrived!

Come join us at Mountain Lens for this inaugural event, and discover the love!

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