Photographing the Unseeable

Are you photographing only what you see? What a strange question!

Consider photographing the unseeable! Why not use your camera to extend reality far beyond what you can see? After all, your camera operates differently from your eyes, so use its awesome power and become a photography wizard!

In this fun and creative workshop, we’ll be exploring ways to “think outside the box,” and we’ll create unique one-of-a-kind images.
So just imagine!

Freeze time to capture millions of tiny drops of water! Extend time to transform motion into colorful patterns and trails. And who says that the cameras can’t move, too? Create signature swirls and special effects!

And since “photography” means — quite literally — painting with light, why not actually paint with light? We’ll show you how!

And what of the very small and the very large? Peer into the magic of the universe by using your lenses to reveal patterns and details you’ve never seen! And what of the very dim and very dark? Capture mere hints of light, from the faintest stars to moonlit fields.
And, now that your imagination is racing, how can we view in an instant what nature only reveals over time and space? Learn how to merge images and time-lapse sequences that transcend these physical dimensions.

In two fun days of collaboration and creativity, you’ll discover that your photography isn’t limited by what you can see — it’s limited only by your imagination.

June 6 – 7, 2020

Workshop Fee: $495

Min of 4 | Max of 6 Attendees

Instructor: Jeff Miller



Additional Information

This workshop has been in my mind for years, now it’s on the books! Join us as a mortal and return home as a wizard!

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