Don Crow

I traveled to Denver, Colorado in 1967 with the Air Force.  Upon seeing snow covered Rocky Mountains for the first time, I bought a 35mm camera to share my experiences with family back home in South Carolina.  Photography became an escape from the rigors of military life.  It wasn’t until 1972 when I joined the Spartanburg Photo Club, met and was mentored by Jack Hay, that I learned photography could be a form of art.  Jack introduced me to “Fine Art Photography” and the work of Ansel Adams.  During this period I became a student of Adams, attempting to emulate his quality of work.

Shooting mostly black and white, I moved from 35mm up to 2 ¼”, and finally designed and constructed a 4”x5” view camera.  The first outing with my new homemade view camera produced a “print of the year” in the Photographic Society of America, one of the many awards I have won.

Now retired and shooting digital, I have traveled extensively visiting over 25 National Parks, using photography to convey the beauty of the natural world.  I enjoy sharing my photography and experiences with others through clubs, shows, and classes.

My darkroom now sits idle. With Photoshop I can accomplish things I could only dream of in the darkroom.  The digital image is my negative and Photoshop has become my darkroom.

To me, photography has become a way of experiencing the grandeur of nature, from capturing the beauty in the relationship of a fawn to its mother or a baby egret being fed on the nest, to experiencing the rising sun’s rays paint a snowcapped mountain from the top down in an orange glow.  For me it’s simple, just have a camera and be there!

Associations and memberships:

  • Carolina Nature Photographers Association
  • Photographic Society of America
  • International Club Print Competition
  • Spartan Photo Guild
  • Clemson Photo Club

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