Dave Kelly

Dave is an award winning wildlife photographer who has been an Adobe Certified Instructor for Lightroom® since the first version. He also has been an Adobe Certified Instructor for Photoshop starting with CS4 and has maintained that certification through CS6, making him one of the very few Adobe Certified Instructor in the United States for both of Adobe’s software programs for photographers. Dave also holds the Certified Technical Trainer credential from the CompTIA organization, is a member of Nikon Professional Services and instructs/teaches Lightroom® and Advanced Lightroom® curriculum for Shoot the Light Workshops and Technical Series. He is also the author of the books seven Lightroom® Made Easy books all of which are true “how to” books. They not only tell you what can be accomplished with images in Lightroom®, they also tell you how to accomplish it with easy to understand, step by step instructions.

Dave is available for presentations to camera clubs, meet-up groups and camera organizations.

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