Instructor Bio

Johnathan Laurence

Jonathan is a multimedia designer/artist, consultant, and educator who works internationally with a diverse range of companies, organizations, and individuals. He has served as Media/Design Director to the Camden International Film Festival (CIFF) for more than ten years, leads digital media and creativity workshops at a variety of institutions and art centers around the world, and served as the Creative Director at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art (CMCA) between 2014-2017. Jonathan has exhibited in various galleries and also designed and developed installations for museums. He received The Rising Star Award from the Palm Beach Photographic Center, and is listed as one of the most collectable artists in Maine by Maine Home and Design. For fun, he most recently boarded a container ship to sail across the north Atlantic ocean during mid-winter as part of an artist residency, followed by a trip to Greenland to watch the icebergs migrate out of the fjord and to dip his toes in Disko Bay.